About exprio

exprio is an international network of experts that represents an alternative to traditional consulting firms and agencies for contractors. Our network primarily consists of experienced subject matter experts with many years of experience in capital markets either working as permanent, contractor or external consultant. Each expert acts independently and can still benefit of and rely on a common network and infrastructure.


exprio advises buy and sell side firms, the focus is on banks and insurance companies. We support clients of various sizes, starting from specialized institutions up to major international banks. We are always working front-to-back and have an in-depth knowledge of business, processes and systems in capital markets.


exprio offers extensive methodological and technical expertise. Our focus is on cross functional requirements between different business areas as well as on the transition of requirements into IT. We ensure the communication between various kind of stakeholders by taking advantage of our international consultants.


exprio has its focus on experienced subject matter experts which had numerous years of experience as permanent employees, contractors or external consultants. We want that every expert has adequate freedom in its own development and fully participates in its own delivery and sucess. At the same time, we would like to give students and graduates insight into our business and for this purpose we offer flexible models.