exprio looks for experienced permanent employees, contractors and external consultants which would like to work independently, but still benefit of a common network and infrastructure. We want that every expert has adequate freedom for its own development and fully participates in its own delivery and sucess. At the same time, companies of exprio would like to give students and graduates insight into their business.


exprio is looking for experienced subject matter experts, who have been able to build up expertise in numerous projects over several years as internal employee or external consultant. If you have established the required expertise, we would like to incorporate you into our network as an independent expert acting as contractor or director of a company. In addition, we support qualified employees to become self-employed as a contractor or as a director of their own company.


If you feel ready to sell your expertise and experiences on your own responsibility, but you don’t want to spend time on marketing and standard infrastructure needs, exprio will be your first choice. In addition, we offer an extensive knowledge management and  an international network with numerous subject matter experts. You decide your degree of inclusion into our network, you are your own boss. You will benefit from our network in both directions. If you offer a role to a contractor or a subject matter expert, then you participate in sales success.  If you are looking for a project, you will benefit from transparent and fair terms and margins. The terms and conditions for providing your contacts or expertise or using our client contacts or expertise are agreed upfront as part of our rules of conduct. One of the most important benefit as a member of exprio is the knowledge exchange within our expert network. There are working groups focusing on new topics which prepare the future sales of the network and you are free to join one of these groups or found your own group. No matter in which country or in which city you are located, we will find a way to cooperate. The cooperation and the common marketing is our success. With appropriate suitability and demonstration of your expertise you can join our network  without any obligations. Feel free to register directly on our website, an expert will have an interview with you and we then decide whether we approve your membership.


If you want to continue to work independently as a contractor exprio still offers interesting projects and knowledge exchange across industries and departments. In addition, we cover business and technical expertise such that we ensure a broad coverage of business and IT related requirements. Beside that, our margins are lower than the margins of traditional agencies. We achieve this through very low fixed and search costs for our projects, because our experts are always on side and communicate efficiently and effectively new open roles. On the other side, exprio acts more like a consultancy towards the client such that we provide additional benefit to the client which will increase your daily rate in comparison to an agency. Feel free to register directly on our website, an expert will have an interview with you and we then decide whether we approve your membership.

Students and graduates

Although exprio is a network of experts, consisting almost exclusively of subject matter experts, our affiliates offer  students and graduates the opportunity to participate as working student or in permanent position as Business Analyst. You will be individually supervised and trained by the responsible subject matter experts within our network  to quickly build expertise and the necessary soft skills. Initially you support remote -our research and our knowledge management- at an agreed location, e.g. in your university library or at home. You will receive all the necessary equipment and you’re connected to the responsible director.

As a working student or Business Analyst, you take part in customer appointments or projects to build up the necessary experience together with our experts. Thus, you have responsibility for selected tasks to support our project work within our network, and with precise instructions right at the beginning. For those interested with ambitions abroad, exprio offers excellent opportunities to gain international experience.

We welcome anyone interested and emphasize that we feel responsible for the personal and professional development of our employees and also to support individual career planning. Being part of our network has many advantages and keeps enough freedom to develop, inside or outside of exprio.