Applicant for membership

In the event you have an interview with a new candidate we have some guidelines which should help you within the interview. In addition, we would like to have a common standard and mandatory information, we would like to consider before granting membership.

Before you start with the interview, make sure you had a look into the CV such that you are aware of the basic information the applicant has provided.

The interview should be structured as follows:

  • You briefly introduce yourself
  • You start the interview guidance and fill out the name of the interviewee (Question 1)
  • You go along the questionnaire and capture the feedback (Question 2-8)
  • You can always go more into detail or ask other questions at the end of the interview (Question 9)
  • At the end of the questionnaire you decide whether you grant membership or not (Question 10)
  • You can add some comments on an optional basis, in the event you would like to improve the questionnaire or process in general

Thank you for contributing to the network!

Name Email
1. What is the name of the interviewee?
2. What is your motivation to join exprio?

3. What are your strategic goals as an independent consultant?

4. In which countries you are interested to work as an independent consultant?

5. Are you only willing to work in a specific region?

6. Are you willing to work full-time or only part-time?

7. With how many clients do you  have a direct relationship and you would be willing to present the expert network?
8. To which functional areas do you have these relationships? (If applicable)

9. Does the member have appropriate English-language skills?
10. Please feel free to ask further questions in order to assess the new candidate, please let us know what the new member has replied:

Thank you very much for your support and the evaluation of a new candidate!

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